Real Time

Real Time Distributed Systems

The goal of this research is to develop frameworks and technologies for real-time applications. We are currently working on publish/subscribe-based event-driven architecture and introducing edge/fog computing approach for future generation real-time distributed systems.

Our last 5 years projects are as follows:

  1. FogVerse: Fog Computing dan Resource Management Platform Berbasis Kafka, Muhammad Hilman, Grant “Internal Fasilkom”, Universitas Indonesia, 2023.
  2. Plug-in Pembangkit Subtitle Animasi 3D Isyarat SIBI pada Materi Pemelajaran Berbasis Platform MOOC, Erdefi Rakun, Muhammad Hilman, Rizal Fathoni Aji, Grant “Program Pendanaan Inovasi P3”, Universitas Indonesia, 2023.