Network Protocols

Future Generation of Computer Network Protocols

We are actively participating in the development and exploration of future generation transport later protocol QUIC (QUICK UDP Internet Connection) that is currently proposed by the community as HTTP is shifting gradually to HTTP/3. We are also working on developing next generation wireless protocols to support the smart systems and internet of things.

Our last 5 years projects are as follows:

  1. Riset Pengembangan Modul Pembelajaran OSI Transport Layer Berbasis QUIC dengan Pendekatan Pembelajaran Aktif, Muhammad Hilman and Made Harta Dwijaksara, Grant “Internal Fasilkom”, Universitas Indonesia, 2023.
  2. Performance Enhancement of QUIC Protocol to Support High Bandwitdh Application, Made Harta Dwijaksara and Muhammad Hilman, Grant “Internal Fasilkom”, Universitas Indonesia, 2023.