Big Data Platforms and Algorithms

Developing approaches and solutions for real-world problems that are involving a huge amount of data is the utmost objective of this research. We are proud to have an important collaboration with partners in Healthcare, Geo-spatial, and Tourism areas to build platforms that support those area of interests.

High Performance Computing Systems

Managing huge amount of generated data requires at least the softwares and also computing infrastructures that are able to efficiently process the massive information in timely manner. This research focus on developing both programming approaches and also the systems that work together in harmony, processing large number of data to provide insighful information.

Future Generation of Computer Network Protocols

We are actively participating in the development and exploration of future generation transport later protocol QUIC (QUICK UDP Internet Connection) that is currently proposed by the community as HTTP is shifting gradually to HTTP/3. We are also working on developing next generation wireless protocols to support the smart systems and internet of things.

Real Time Distributed Systems

The goal of this research is to develop frameworks and technologies for real-time applications. We are currently working on publish/subscribe-based event-driven architecture and introducing edge/fog computing approach for future generation real-time distributed systems.

Networks Security and Cryptography (in collaboration with CCSC)

Security is a critical non-functional requirements for computer systems. We are working on this aspect closely along with the research team from Center for Cyber Security and Cryptography (CCSC) at Unviersitas Indonesia. Some of our collaborative projects are including exploring zero-trust architecture, digital signature, privacy and data protection, and theoretical cryptograhy for information security.