Welcome to Computer Systems Lab (CSL) at Faculty of Computer Science, Universitas Indonesia (CSUI).

CSL researchers at CSUI are actively working on developing future generation of protocols, algorithms, and frameworks for Big Data Management, Computer Networks, High Performance Computing and Real Time Systems.

We are syncing in harmony with experts from various computer science fields and multidisciplinary scientists to create applications and platforms that are contributing to a better life for humanities.

Contact our researchers if you plan to pursue Master / PhD in computer systems. We have more than sufficient resources to guide you through the journey. Good news are, we always have the opening for prospective Masters and PhDs to work with us.


Open House CSL 2023

For anyone who enjoys tinkering with applications and systems based on networks, wireless technology, distributed systems, big data, the Internet of Things, real-time systems, or security and cryptography, listen up! One of the research labs at Fasilkom, the Computer Systems Lab (CSL), is hosting an Open House. Mark the date and register now. CSL welcomes …